About us

Young Mavericks: from pioneering startup to skilled innovator

We are Young Mavericks: experts in stimulating data-driven growth from talent and organizations. We pioneered a new start-up, and in a few years, we achieved skillful innovations in the field of data technology and developed talent to apply them. We reveal how an organization’s data, engineered to simplicity, works for them. From strategically defined objectives, diagnosing issues, preparing data and modeling, to the (technical) implementation and transfer: we guide customers from start to finish.

Our Mavericks are go-getters who specialize in the implementation of sustainable innovation. Intensive cooperation with our customers, their users and stakeholders enables us to jointly develop the best product with the right solution. Young Mavericks professionals are great team members and never shy away from the challenge. We research, test, seize and realize the best opportunities. We are called Mavericks because we are willing to try anything. We don’t give up and we strive to make information more powerful for our customers.

Growth is Central

The data-driven projects’ chances of success depend on many factors. To maximize the likeliness of positive outcomes, Young Mavericks has developed two traineeships that seamlessly connect our services –to each other and everyone else. One traineeship focuses on data science, the other on data engineering. We designed the programs collaboratively with clients and experts from the business community. Both traineeships start simultaneously and emphasize the importance of technical expertise, multidisciplinary cooperation and managing change.

Growth is central to Young Mavericks. Extensive annual evaluations and optimizations of the traineeships enable us to operate at the frontline of new technological developments. We learn as we teach. With our comprehensive range in trainings and intensive guidance, we stimulate the growth of all Mavericks – and our partners.

Our Organization: Working Together

Young Mavericks' team consists of 25 professionals and includes data scientists, data engineers, trainers, consultants and a coach. Together we help our customers define, analyze and solve issues. We apply strategy, education and collaboration to every project. Our unique, horizontal approach gives Young Mavericks the space to keep developing, anticipating and contributing to the latest technological developments.

Young Mavericks, Now and in the Future

We are well past trial and error: Our integral ways of working have been perfected over the years – resulting in many satisfied, leading customers. We are very proud of our success stories and cannot wait to further realize our ambitions to engineer any and all projects. With a strong network of impressive professionals and inspiring partner organizations, we confidently face our future, ready to learn what it might teach us. Would you like to be part of our tomorrow? Check out our job openings and who knows, maybe you will be the next Maverick!