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We believe in the power of together. Together with our clients, Young Mavericks leads the way in using new technologies for best fit solutions. Solutions in which three components meet: data science, software development and design principles.

The basis of a cooperation with Young Mavericks are our self-composed traineeships. At the moment we run traineeships on Mobile Development and on Data Science

The process

Each program covers one and a half year period in which our Young Mavericks start with an eight week full time training program. After successful completion of their training, our talents will be employed at one of our program partners.

During the intensive training, our talents are monitored and guided by our senior developers. Our senior developers make sure the focus will stay on the challenges of our program partners. This way Young Mavericks will always deliver talents who are in possession of the right qualification and focussed on the specific needs of their projects.

After the introduction training, our Mavericks come back to present their progress each week and follow relevant courses during the monthly follow-up days. Also, our talents have the chance to participate in hackathons and workshops.

The power of prototyping

During the program we make room for prototyping. Prototyping is the most effective way to test the application and value of a new technology. This new insights and knowledge help the improvement of projects and facilitates fast and correct implementation.

This is a step we want to make together with our clients. In this process Young Mavericks’ roll is versatile. We prefer working together, using good communication as well in the planning as in the execution phase.

At the end of the program, it is possible to hire our talents. Hiring our Mavericks ensures the preservation of knowledge within the company and enables us to keep working together on your internal development teams.

We guarantee our traineeships and Mavericks are ready and up to date. Thanks to our ever changing curriculum and newest software, you will never be overtaken by events, no matter the duration of our partnership.

The advantage of our traineeships

In all of the traineeships, after completion of the eight week full time training, our talents will return to our academy for a monthly follow-up day. During these training days, our project managers will assist our Mavericks and review the progress of their running projects. In addition there will be personal coaching and extra specialists, depending on what expertise is relevant.

Also we provide the onboarding of our clients, we organize expert sessions (hackathons, knowledge spill over sessions and ideation sessions. During our traineeships we facilitate innovation together with, amongst others, design thinking sprints, workshops and assistance for implementation.

Data science program

  • Concrete machine learning-applications for your organization
  • < 1 month working prototype fabricated during the trainings program
  • The world of data science from a to z
  • Put together your intern data science-team
  • In-house workshops by Young Mavericks
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Data science program

Mobile development program

  • Native mobile development gets the best out of your platform
  • Multiple prototyping
  • Put together your intern mobile development team
  • Use the latest iOS & Android-updates
  • In-house workshops by Young Mavericks
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Mobile development program