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Our job is to make the possibilities of new technology tangible for organizations, from draft and planning to implementation. In order to do so, we use various areas of expertise in our traineeships. Depending on each different project, our specialists will analyse what knowledge and which techniques are most suitable.

The projects we run, range from simple prototypes to putting together and managing a complete and multidisciplinary team who deliver a product from draft version to implementation. Check a selection of our projects.

Tag, search and find: Article tagging for NRC Media

The online find-ability through search engines for editorial articles is of great importance for the Dutch newspaper NRC, both on nrc.nl and other websites. When visitors use the search engine on the NRC website for a specific topic, the search engine shows multiple suggestions for articles. These articles are selected on related headlines and article content.

We have developed an application which generates content-related tags. These tags are based on the frequency a word is used, in the article and in the total database. The addition of tags speeds up the search action and optimizes the suggestions for related articles. This is a project which characterizes Young Mavericks since we convert abstract data to a concrete solution, a solution which adds value to the end user.

The Power of Data in the Dutch Battle Against Water

The Netherlands is known for water - and specifically for our talent to contain it. The Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK) is committed to providing clean drinking water, safe roads and water ways, and protection against flooding and water shortages. In HHNK’s relentless battle against water, monitoring based on data analysis plays an essential role. Detailed, up-to-date geographical maps are vital to gain insights into the complex interplay of land and water in the north of Holland.

Together with the HHNK, we investigated the possibilities for automatically generating topographic maps. The complex project required Young Mavericks to process our most extensive data sets as of yet. Thanks to thorough data analysis and the latest machine learning techniques, we were able to detect 'mutations' (changes) between aerial photos, digital government maps and height observations. The end result enables HHNK to automatically monitor and respond to changes in the Dutch landscape.

One algorithm for hundreds of thousands of books for Centraal Boekhuis

Centraal Boekhuis has over 145 years of experience in logistic services and distribution of books and e-books. Also, Centraal Boekhuis offers logistic solutions for the healthcare sector.

Together with Centraal Boekhuis, we constructed an algorithm to support the editorial work of the ISBN-team. Our algorithm combines metadata about books with image recognition techniques in order to generate an information request for the ISBN-team. A request will be generated automatically when a new scan of a page is made.

The algorithm generates an offer with the necessary information. One can think of the name of an author or illustrator, or data on the version or year of publication of a book. This way a lot of manual work can now be done digitally, saving the editor time for more important business.

Machine Learning Model to Advise Transport Giant

International transport company Samskip offers services by land, sea, rail and air. With offices in 35 countries, the company provides cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly transport solutions for ships, containers, trucks and trailers. Samskip's head office was established in Iceland in 1990 and is now located in the Netherlands.

To gain insight into Samskip's (intended) transportation services, the company turned to Young Mavericks for help. In response, we developed a forecast that is able to estimate the number of containers that Samskip moves. Thanks to the development of a customized machine learning model, the transport giant is now able to predict how many containers (and which type) will be shipped in the coming six months.

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